Vir2sense collaborates with other technology companies and research institutions in order to develop state of the art combustion and emission model based services. Collaborations include:

embotech: Engine and powertrain optimization and control

embotech, short for embedded optimization technologies, strives to lead the market for numerical optimization solutions that will be integral part of tomorrow’s decision making systems. The company is a spin-off of the Automatic Control Laboratory from ETH Zurich.

Vir2sense collaborates with embotech to provide novel solutions for powertrain optimization and real-time control

combustion and flow solutions: Engine modeling

The combustion and flow solutions (CFS) team specializes in computations of reactive and non-reactive flows in technical applications using customized CFD codes for combustion systems and tools for engine cycle simulations to analyze and improve the systems.

Vir2sense collaborates with CFS in the development and application of combustion and emission models for engine design.

LAV ETH Zurich: Model development

The Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory (LAV)  is active in the field of turbulent reactive flows with emphasis on unsteady IC engine combustion processes, operated with conventional and renewable/synthetic fuels.

Vir2sense collaborates with LAV for the development on novel, accurate and ultra efficient combustion and emission models for engine design, development, optimization and  control purposes.

VentureKick: Business development

Vir2sense is financially supported by VentureKick.

ETH spin off: Technology transfer

Vir2sense is a recognized ETH spin-off since 2016.