beyond sensing



Vir2sense GmbH provides ready to use, optimized fast combustion and emission models for internal combustion engine calibration, continuous emissions monitoring and real-time control.

  • The models have been developed through a hierarchical development approach, using information from detailed flow and chemical process calculations (3D CFD, with detailed kinetics) and transferring it into fast models, ideal for engine design and control purposes.
  • We offer a library of models ranging from high-fidelity models for engine design to specially designed and tuned ultra-efficient models for sub-real time calculation, ideal for SiL/HiL simulations and onboard control.
  • The offered models are based on detailed physical and chemical modelling, which allows high model accuracy under all conditions:
    • Changes in charge chemical composition, pressure and temperature (air-path).
    • Changes in fuel-path settings.
  • The models are used in continuous emissions monitoring systems in order to increase the durability of such systems and reduce operating cost and complexity.