Vir2sense provides a robust Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) dubbed Physically-assisted Virtual Sensor (PVS). The PVS can be used to continuously monitor the engine-out emissions from internal combustion engines used for vessel propulsion and power generation. The PVS continuously predicts the emissions based on inputs from robust sensors typically available on the ECU (engine control unit), in combination with efficient combustion and emission models. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement over the engine lifetime, a direct emission measurement system is used only intermittently, which ensures its durability, especially in the harsh conditions of the engine exhaust.
Compared with traditional CEMS, PVS ensures a significantly longer operating time between required repair intervals, while limiting the operating cost and complexity to the bare minimum. In addition, the PVS ensures tamperproof emission monitoring, since the emissions are calculated using signals which are required for the engine operation.


The PVS can be used for:

  • Engine condition monitoring
  • Fuel qualtiy monitoring
  • Vessel emission reporting
  • Engine on-line emission certification
  • Continuous engine optimization